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This Bali tour is specifically designed with the experience-hungry in mind, the Bali Culture and Cuisine tour immerses you on a culinary and cultural journey that seeks to enlighten, enrich and entertain. This custom made tour comprising face-to-face encounters with locals, mouth-watering epicurean adventures, spiritual twists and some sweat enduing activities – this tour is perfect for those eager to get better acquainted with Bali’s enchanting culture. Contact us for more details.

"Whether in letters, on social media or in my classes, people ask me all the time about the ingredients used in these recipes. Especially for people in larger cities, the Asian grocery stores that can now be found all over can be a bit intimidating for the first time shopper. These tours take you to several grocery stores, show you how to find the ingredients you want, and how to select the best quality ingredients. The aisles are stacked with such variety, and sometimes in labels without English writing. These markets are havens of fresh and flavorful vegetables, the freshest seafoods in town, and those glorious ingredients you cannot find in large supermarkets!

"Step inside with me. Let me be your guide to explore the sights and smells in their most natural environment. Become a capable and adventurous shopper!"


  • * Understand the sauces and how to find the best brands
  • * How to choose from the variety of Asian noodles
  • * Choosing quality herbs and spices
  • * How to undestand Asian vegetables
  • * Getting the things you need to cook one of my signature recipes

During these quality market tours, you are in Christina's expert hands every step of the way. Leave your familiar world and take her journey into culinary adventures. Grab this opportunity to explore, share and experience new worlds of flavor and aroma.

Please contact Christina Arokiasamy to schedule a culinary tour.

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July 2016 - Seattle Spice Market Tours

September 2016 - Seattle Spice Market Tours

Christina's tours featured in November 2009 issue of Sunset Magazine

by Rebekah Denn | photos by Jose Mandojana

"With more people cooking these days, Seattle's spice shops are seeing a spike in business. Local spice girl, Christina Arokiasamy sniffs out her favorites."

In addition to the article in Sunset magazine, Rebekah Denn wrote about Christina's tour and one of her cooking classes in her "Eat All About it" blog on November 11, 2009.

Read the whole article here.

More Testimonials

“ As a cookbook author, international culinary instructor, and gastronomic tour-guide locally and throughout Southeast Asia - I believe the most deeply selfless thing we can do is to share food, and through food we make a connection. I am regularly queried about the perplexing ingredients in a Southeast Asian market. Yes, the aisles are stacked with a variety of rice noodles; tamarind; coconut cream & milk; a range of sauces: soy, oyster, fish and kicap manis; curry paste; candlenuts; smooth palm sugar and aromatics. But, there is something special about these ingredients that create flavor ‘like a hug’!” - Christina

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